Evolving Spaces

The way we work is changing, and so are the spaces in which we’re most productive.

Much has been written about fantastic advances in technology that allow us to stay connected: smartphones, cloud computing, social media, video conferencing, high speed broadband and 4G internet. We can begin work before getting out of bed in the morning, and we can still be drafting documents and sending emails right up until we switch off the bedside light at night.

But even though we’re connected by the most advanced of technology, and we can send a proposal, an updated design or a draft blog post from anywhere at any time, none of it is a perfect substitution for human interaction.

No technology on today’s market can replace the face-to-face chat.

That’s why co-working spaces are such an important part of the modern workplace.

Shared working spaces foster relationships and empathy between individuals, they facilitate the sharing of ideas and breed creativity. 

People naturally seek out like-minded individuals, and just by working in close proximity they are able to work smarter, enjoy more fulfilling days and improve their productivity. 

Better still, shared working spaces can put together people of different backgrounds, with different expertise and different points of view. And those unexpected meetings can foster some of the most creative thinking of all.

That’s why we design and create workspaces that encourage person-to-person interaction. Technology is a great enabler, but let’s not forget the importance of working environments that encourage us to come together, share experiences, solve problems and inspire each other.

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